Our Story

We make clothes that celebrate the good - our earth, our makers, our friends, ourselves.

Jessica Flora is the namesake brand by Jess, where we are based in the small but mighty rural town of Kurow.
On the main street you can find our own little world inside our shop In Good Company, that we share with our studio space to sew and sell the brand.

Each series is a carefully considered range of small run garments, released only a few times a year. Within each series, selected garments are customisable, with variations on the fit and function to work for you.

We're a small brand on a journey. Our goal is to do better everyday but we're not perfect. The community we're building is made up of people who will call us out when we lose focus, and encourage us when we make great choices.

Join us as we sacrifice the easy route and make clothes mother earth would be proud of.

Our Makers -

We are a small team of makers.

Jess gets her hands on some of the beauties when time allows. Putting time into making the final product is an important part for Jess. Not losing focus of the whole process and being a part of someones forever piece is always rewarding.

Renee, our absolute wizard around here, is based in Swannanoa in Canterbury. Always full of life and able to keep the energy going through the busy times has been vital in getting it all wrapped up. Renee also works with Nancy to get a lot of it done, living just down the road from her.

Jodi, based in Oamaru, also whips up our made to order items.
We feel lucky to have her on board, Jodi is extremely talented and meticulous with detail.
Oamaru only a short skip away from Kurow, makes it ideal being so close to the studio. She is also dangerously close to Oamaru's top bakery, where Jess accidentally finds herself grabbing a delicious salmon pie on the morning visits to drop and pick garments up.

Bronwyn and her team of talented makers, based in Blenheim, have recently come on board to help with our items we make in full size runs.
Many years of manufacturing behind her, it has been amazing to bring them into the Jessica Flora picture to help with bigger numbers.

Keep an eye on your swing tag and check out who made your garment.


Our Earth Friends -


Every garment is made up of natural fibres.

Without using any synthetic fibres means all of the off cuts and waste can be composted.
Any bigger off cuts are being put aside for future projects (keep your eyes peeled)
Helping us compost the fabric back into the earth are our favourite friends, WORMS. These little wonders consume food, paper, fabric and garden waste and excrete highly nutrient dense vermicast.
Once the fabric has been broken down with everything else we can then use the compost to grow beautiful things.
We believe this beats sending waste to landfill, and gives back something good to mother earth.

Let's see what we can tackle as we grow. And take you along on the ride as we test our limits and endless opportunities.